Suspension Techniques 1.3" progressive race springs

* watch the spring carriage and the top of the fender *
also: no engine was in at the time of these pictures
So you want to lower your MR2 to obtain a lower center of gravity and look nice, right? Well, so did I. So, like any wise consumer, I shopped around a little and narrowed my thoughts down to either a set of Intrax 1.5" lowering springs or a set of Suspension Techniques 1.3" lowering springs. And when I was at the 99' SEMA show in Las Vegas, I spoke to a Suspension Techniques representative who informed me that a 1.5" drop on our MR2 would take away available camber/caster that the suspension would have at a 1.3" drop. Later, after alot of walking, I was unable to locate the Intrax booth for commenting, so I only heard one side of the story. I spoke to some local suspension gurus, and they had the same comment. But Mo Moscovitz is running a set of Intrax springs, and he says that he was able to get a good adjustment on his suspension. Trying not to praise either direction, I looked into pricing. And that's when I made up my mind. I discovered that I could order a set of Suspension Techniques for almost $100 cheaper than a set of Intrax springs. So, being the cheap paycheck-to-paycheck person that I am, I quickly ordered a set of Suspension Technique springs which came 2 days later.
After I removed my struts and opened up the package, I discovered that they had sent me the wrong springs!! So I returned them, and the next day another box arrived via UPS with my name on it. The rest is history.
Ahh! Wrong springs!
Front difference
Front Spring difference. The ST springs are easier to flex than the stock springs. But as the compression progresses, it gets stiffer. So although it may look like they are a 3" difference in that picture, they are really only 1.3" lower supposed to be.
Rear spring installed
Here is a picture of a ST spring installed in the Rear.
Progressive is good!

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