TODA Chromoly Flywheel / TRD Kevlar Clutch


Well, I finally got my lightweight flywheel in, and I was then able to make this modification. I have had the TRD clutch since January, but I have been trying to raise the $green$ to buy a flywheel so that I could do both upgrades at the same time. And I am very glad that I waited.

New Stup
Factory SetupRacing Setup
Flywheel16.4 lbs.9.5 lbs.
Pressure Plate7.99.1
Clutch Disk1.93.0
The new flywheel is 6.9 lbs. lighter than my old flywheel. However, I have another 4AG flywheel (pictured below) that is 0.2 lbs. heavier than the flywheel that I was using. My flywheel sure was surfaced quite a bit I guess!

The TRD Pressure plate and Kevlar clutch disk come out to 3.4 lbs. heavier then the stock pressure plate and disk. That sucks really, but if it is going to lock up better, then I don't really care about the weight! So in essence, I paid $400 for the flywheel, just to weigh the entire setup together to find out that the overall weight is only 4.5 pounds lighter.
But these 4.5 lbs do make a difference! I have yet to run it fast because I am still breaking the combo in, but I can already tell just by driving around casually that throttle response has improved quite a bit!

Old Setup
New Flywheel
Top of flywheel
Underside of flywheel
Old Flywheel
The guys over at TODA Racing are very attentive and polite over the phone. The only trouble I had was that they were always on the line, and so I had to leave a voice message. But they called me back the next day, and business resumed as usual. I dealt with Ali. He had just gotten back from a vacation, so he was in and out of the office all of the time, so I spoke to a different guy. I think his name was Allen. He was cool also. I like TODA, and the quality of their wheel is superb. If you are in the market, then give TODA a shot!
Group Purchase Disk
The REAL Kevlar clutch
I bought my TRD Kevlar racing clutch in a group purchase from Toysport. I hate Toysport. They are jerks. Especially Mike. He has treaded me like shit and I do not like Toysport much because of this.

As you can see, the clutch disk on the left is the Group Purchase, and the disk to the right is the REAL TRD kevlar clutch disk. I think my pressure plate is the same, but I am not sure. Anyways, once my disk goes away, I can just buy the proper one. That's what I get for trying to save a few $$ by using a GP!

The picture to the side was my idea to make a Hybrid TRD/Centerforce pressure plate. The idea was thrown out the window when I bolted the pressure plate down on the flywheel. The step on the flywheel is so great, that the fingers of the TRD pressure plate would become flat. So having weights would serve no purpose due to zero outwardly centrifugal forces.
But it was a good idea... Maybe next time I have a good idea like this it will work :)

My TRD / Centerfoce HYBRID pressure plate

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