HIPSI Stage 2.5 Engine

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This is my 2nd version of my AE92 Supercharged 1.6l 4A-GZE Toyota Engine with major intake changes.
The Engine is retired and hence this page will never be updated; so ends the Stage 2 and 2.5 Engine.

Uploaded to server 11/20/2 - Updated 3/18/3

1987 Toyota MR2 GTS-Unlimited.
15x6.5" ACW 605W stripped and coated black.
Bridgestone Potenza S03 Pole Position 225x50x15.
4 Wheel 10" Brembo CrossDrilled & Slotted &4 Wheel Vented Rotors.
Carbon Fiber High Temp Racing Brake Pads.
Steel Braided Brake Lines.
Wilwood Billet Alumium Brake Portioning Valve.
Suspension Techniques Adjustable Front Anti-Sway Bar (set to max).
Stock Japanese JDM Rear Anti-Sway Bar.
Suspension Techniques 1.3" Progessive rate Track Springs.
Tokico Illuminas Strut Cartridges (5-way) set to 5 in rear, 3 in front.
Custom Aluminum Panhard bar rear strut tower brace.
Autometer 2" Phantom Gauges: Boost/Vaccum, Oil Pres, Water Temp, & Intake Air Temp.
Split Second Air/Fuel Meter.
MSD Knock Alert Monitor.
Apex'I Super AFC Air Fuel Converter ECU with High and Low Throttle Adjustments, displaying RPM, TPS Position in %, Boost in Hg/mm, & Air Flow via MAP sensor.
Battery Relocated to Front Truck.
Over 500 lbs. of weight removed.
Car currently weighs 2350 lbs with working AC even.
Marlin Crawler 3" Turtle Sticker on both side windows :)

Original (1983-1989) 112 HP American 4A-GE engine removed and replaced with a JDM (1989-1993) 4A-GZE Supercharged Engine.
I have not Dyno'd it yet, but I believe it is producing around an estimated280 HP.
280 HP / 1.6 L = 175 HP per Liter.
2350 Lb car / 280 HP Engine = 8.4 Weight to HP ratio.

0-60 est. 4.5 seconds.
GTech Competition 0-60 with Passenger: 4.97 secs!
1/4-mile est. 12.8 seconds.
Have not done a GTech 1/4-mile yet. :(
Top Speed - transmission limited - 152 MPH *I have been here three times, and once with a passenger*
Relocated Fuel Fill to accomidate for extra Driver's Side Air Vent.
Air Filter in truck with added Side Cold Air Intake.

JDM 1.6L 4A-GZE Engine.
DIS Distributor-less Direct Fire Ignition System.
Twin Coil - Double Firing Pattern (power & exhaust strokes).
MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor.
High Flow 412cc 7M-GTE Supra Injectors.
Wiseco Forged Pistons w/Molly Rings (.020 overbore).
Decked Head and Block, ~9.1:1 compression.
Lightweight Oversized (+20mm) Aluminum Crank/SC Pulley (1.9 lbs).
TODA Light Weight Chromolly Race Flywheel (9.5 lbs).
JDM Exedy 4-Pluck Racing Clutch.
TRD 0.8mm Metal Headgasket.
ARP Head Studs.
HKS Racing Valve Spring Set.
Custom Port & Polish Cylinder Head.
Custom Gasket Port Matching.
Ceramic Coated Piston Caps.
Ceramic Coated Cylinder Domes.
Ceramic Coated Valve bases.
Polished Valves and Stems.
Cyrogenically Frozen Pistons.
Cyrogenically Frozen Rods.
Teflon Coated Piston Skirts.
Teflon Coated Rods.
Stiffened Oil Pressure Bypass Spring.
Port Engine Block Oil Tunnels.
Kamakazee Aluminum Oil Cooler.
Webcam Cams Grind #294.
TED Components 4-1 High RPM Race Header.
Ceramic Coated.
AE92 N/A High-Flow Intake Manifold.
AE92 N/A Flat Center Valve Covers.
4A-GE Early Model Throttle Body (11% oversized).
SC14 Toyota Supercharger (20% oversized).
Custom Water/Methanol Injection System. No-Intercooler.
Toyota Supra Twin Turbo High-volume Fuel Pump.
DynoMAX Ultra Flow SS 2 1/2" Muffler.
Variable Backpressure Exhaust Tip.
Nology Hotcore Spark Plug Wires.
Nology PowerCore Coil Amplifiers (x2).
High Flow 2 1/2" Catalytic Converter.
Close Range NA C52 Transaxle.
Dawes Device FCD Fuel Cut Defender blow by valve.

I have rebuilt the entire engine and completly redid 100% of the air intake routing. I moved the throttle body below the intake, running an 11% larger throttle body, 20% larger piping throughout, 20% larger supercharger, and a Normally Aspirated Intake manifold that out flows the Supercharged manifold maybe 2 to 1.
I also created an adjustable Boost Control Valve using a 3/4" water pipe Boost Return/Supercharger bypass system I fabricated. With it turned all the way on, Max Boost is 2 PSI. With it turned all the way off, max Boost is 17.5 PSI. Awesome. Just Awesome. I have totally reworked and redesigned so many aspects to the original engine.

The results are incredible to say the least.