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Projects and Build-Ups / 85 Mk1 turbo project
August 15, 2015, 10:15:25 AM
Hi all,

First of all I would like to say that I must not be all there. I should just buy a car that is complete and be happy with it. But I'm not and I have my mind set on building a Z06 killer Mk1. I could buy a Z06 but I know myself and I would take that apart also. So I saved myself a 70k hit and started with my Mk1.  :hammerhead:


91 small port 4age 7 rib oil squirter block
Crankshaft factory small port heat treated nitrided and knife edged. BHJ billet harmonic balancer. Fidenza aluminum flywheel
Rods Molnar H beams
Pistons CP 9 to 1 ceramic coated with dry film skirts
Block raced prepped with MRP girdle
Head small port chambers ceramic coated
Oversized Manley valves
Teds kamikaze cams 268 / 10.7
Full race port
oversize TRD lifter buckets / chrome moly retainers
Teds dual springs dry film coated
Intake small port fully ported with max bore tb Air to water IC
GTX2863 Garrett Turbo chokes at 430 hp
Megasquirt pnp with 1000cc injectors
Devils own direct port water meth system

Going to shoot for 430hp on the dyno but will tame the tune up down to around 350 for the car.

The car currently
4 age large port web cams mild porting remapped ecu fidanza flywheel
C-160 six speed
4 piston wilwoods 12.88 rotors. 1" tacoma master goodridge ss brake lines
Quaife quick ratio rack
Prothane bushings T3 chamber plates and caster rods. GC coilovers / koni yellows with weld on perches
ST sway bars.

Next on this list would be to build the hybrid c-52/64 transmission. Need to speak with Big Mike on this.

N00b Check-In / Hi all
August 15, 2015, 09:25:34 AM
Hi all,

I have been a MR2 owner since 2004 and I am in the midst of building my car into a Z06 killer. Thought I would join to get some help from your guys knowledge base. I have read quite a bit of your articles and met Sir Deuce when I bought a C-52 from him.