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Started by Sirdeuce, March 25, 2010, 09:39:17 PM

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Clarify rule #4.7;  If I'm reading it right, what we can sell from the car can be used to prep the car. Buy a car for $500, sell parts for $800, build a $1300 car?
Rule #4.2.1; Windscreen I'm good with Lexan, but what is Willows spec on that?
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Quote from: LeMons4.7: Scavenger Sales: If you sell pieces off of your car, the money that comes back in can be used to offset the initial purchase price. Just be prepared to convince some exceedingly skeptical judges of the validity of all those transactions.

Note "offset the initial purchase price". So if you bought a $500 car, sell parts for $800, then you can build a $800 car ($0 available + $800 scavenger sales = $800).

Buy a car for $200, sell parts for $700, then you can build a $1,000 car (car is $300 below $500, and then add $800: $300 available + $700 scavenger sales = $1,000)


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