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Started by Sirdeuce, April 04, 2010, 08:05:17 PM

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For those who are wondering about the dual throttle body setup, information can be found from reply #197 through reply #217 of the status thread.

Here are some highlight pictures from those replies:



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I'm for the small port. But if we go big port, I like not using the T-ViS. Most of the operation will be above the opening RPM. We can deal with the slight loss below the T-ViS as the gains will out weigh the loss. If we use the big port wit the dual TB's we can eliminate the T-ViS and remove the divider to increase the flow through the 8 ports. Run a longer cam duration with the dual TB's. Now, using a stamp to control the T-ViS without controlling the fuel and timing curves will thow things farther out of whack than just removing the T-ViS altogether. Another idea, you might like this one Mike. How about using a throttle plate in all 8 holes? Use the T-ViS shaft for 8 plates. Then just mod the maifold like a set of velocity stacks. I'm sure the judges would LOVE that! And if we could find a way to do it, increase the bore size and throttle plate size. How about cutting the throttle plates to an oval shape and make the manifold as close to an oval. Major flow increase!!
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