Started by kdogae86, March 28, 2010, 09:24:34 PM

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I wish I had a camera!! I just came up with the sickest cheat! How about a set of "helper" springs mounted in the center of the stock springs? Would be like dual valve springs. My Ground Control spring set for the FX16 fit perfectly in the stock set! Could use a set of shock boots to hide them for inspection, then tear them out for the race. We could add a 100lb spring to the front and a 200lb to the rear(for example). And the differing spring rates and charateistics cold possibly have the same affect as dual valve springs, cancelling each other's harmonics. Plus, there are soooo many options available, it staggers the mind. Spring rates, progressive, linear, multi rate, multi spring. All installed with the stock spring. Go to the Eibach spring site to blow your mind with the possibilities.
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