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Story Ideas / Little Duece Poupé Theme Song
November 07, 2010, 09:35:23 PM
Sung to the music of Little Deuce Coupe by the Beach Boys

I know Bill has a start to the Official Theme Song, but I thought it'd be good to help him out with some ideas!

So this is the thread to post up your lyric ideas!

:wakos: :rara: :booya: :hyper: :cheer: :afro2: :bounce: :circle: :dancing: :bananaguitar: :wakos:
General LeMons Talk / LeMons Car Prep
November 07, 2010, 09:24:07 PM
I just saw this article and thought I'd post it up. Sorry if this is a re-post. (Source here)

Car Prep

it ain't rocket science
The 24 Hours of LeMons gives everyone from novices to pros a chance to race on the cheap--and a chance to build a car like they've never built one before. Whether you're an expert or newbie, it pays to read the rules closely and tackle this stuff step-by-step.

LeMons is all about racing crappy cars—you're not a true gearhead if you don't enjoy watching a rusted-out Volvo dice with a barn-find Fiero. But remember, a crappy car will kill you just as fast, if not faster, than an F1 ride. That's why the bulk of your LeMons build is likely to center on mandatory safety improvements, and why safety stuff doesn't count toward the $500 limit. It's also the reason we make every car go through a full tech inspection before every race: If you cut a corner somewhere, our inspectors are just dying to catch you.

For rookies, the list of mandatory upgrades might seem intimidating, but remember that nobody expects you to do it all by yourself. Just take it a step at a time, ask questions about things that confuse you, and you'll see that it's not all that hard.

If you're just starting out, set aside some time and money for high-quality, professional assistance on big stuff like the rollcage. (If you just rely on your old drinking buddy Jimmy to zap up a cage with his $200 Lincoln home welder, there's a pretty good chance that he'll botch up the job or violate his parole before finishing it.) But remember, here, we said "high-quality" professional help. We've seen cages from "Joe's House of Racin' Stuff" with lousy welds and improper bends too. Use common sense—if you or whoever doing the work is uncertain how to proceed, don't wait until tech inspection to find out you guessed wrong.

There are several key areas LeMons' tech inspectors will be focusing on:

• Roll cage
• Driver's seat
• Racing harness
• Fire extinguisher
• Fuel tank
• Fuel system
• Electrical cut-off switch
• Race number

Keep reading to learn about these one by one. Just remember, this is car racing, not rocket science: A LeMons build isn't that different from any other roadracing series' requirements, and if those dorks can handle it, so can you. Best of all, once you've done it, you'll either be able to re-use the same car again and again, or knock out another one in a quarter the time. We've seen some LeMons machines compete in eight or nine races without major updates. Apparently, some people just like the punishment.

Give yourself plenty of time, familiarize yourself with the rules, and enlist expert help where needed. Next thing you know, you'll be on the grid—and probably wondering why you didn't just take up gardening as a hobby. 
Story Ideas / Team FẻCal's Official Application Story
November 05, 2010, 09:13:39 PM

I am going to start a build thread on the Official 24 Hours of LeMons Forum so we can get our name out there and get approval of the community and judges who frequent the their forums.

I feel that if we have a nice, lengthy build thread showing all the sweat and blood (Bill has proof!) that we spent of it, it will be much better than just showing up one day with a killer MR2.

So here is what I need: I need to come up with a believable story of how we got two cars, Nology spark plug wires, TRD header, etcetera and will get the whole car built for under $500

Let the stories begin!
Miscellaneous / Top ten reasons Racing is better than Sex
November 05, 2010, 01:04:58 PM
I found this on Bill Sherwood's website :yupyup:

Top ten reasons Racing is better than Sex:
10. It's socially acceptable to do it while others watch.
9. Bigger cars don't always get the most attention.
8. The phone won't ring in the middle of your race.
7. You get to use your rubber more than once.
6. You don't have to sit through dinner and a movie before you race.
5. You and the car always finish at the same time.
4. You always know where to put your hands.
3. You can drive hard, right from the start.
2. The quicker you finish, the better you are.
1. You can do it more than once in one afternoon.
Engine Theory / Valvetrain RIP
November 05, 2010, 11:11:53 AM
I have always wanted to redesign the valve train in piston-rod engines because I know it requires a LOT of energy to work the valve train, an energy requirement that increases exponentially with increased RPM.

I had read somewhere that F1 engines use a pneumatic system to operate their valves. Is this true? I've never seen anything on the subject. But I once read that they use air pressure to control both the valve lift and duration. Screw VVTL-i and i-VTEC, this blows them out of the water. Infinite adjustability with NO drag or parasitic losses to the engine (except for that air compressor you have to run lol) You can have instant valve closures and instant valve openings, something camshafts and followers can't achieve due to extremely high contact pressure. You can have lower lift and duration at lower engines, and adjust it infinitely as needed for any power band at any rpm. No more timing belts, no timing chains, man that would be SA-WEEEET!

Well just now I came across this:

Have you guys ever heard of a Desmodromic valve train? This is really interesting to me!! The link above says that Ducati motorcycles have employed this style of valves.

I think this is AWESOME because you can have the same typical belt- or chain-driven valve train just like we have now, but without the huge parasitic loss of valve springs! Think about how much energy can be saved by not having to waste it with valve springs!!!
I am wondering about bore/stroke configurations and their impact on revving.

I was under the assumption that a larger bore with a shorter stroke is advantageous for high revving applications. For instance, the 4A features an 81mm bore and a 77mm stroke.

However, the 2ZZ is the opposite. A longer stroke compared to its bore: 82mm bore and an 85mm stroke.

So which is which? Which engine is over-square and which engine is under-square? What is preferred for higher rpm power delivery? What do F1 engines use?

I am heading up to Bill's house next Monday (11/1) around 4pm and I've got an open seat with your name on it.

Please reply and let me know if you'd like to carpool or even caravan up with me!

Cars / Wrecked Ariel Atom OHHH NOES!!
October 27, 2010, 01:11:56 PM
OHHH THE HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Engine Theory / Crower Cams on eBay
October 23, 2010, 10:19:10 PM
Hey Bill,

I want to talk some more about these cams

Link: (item expires in 5 days)

So I searched around and found...
and also

(I don't know anything about Crower. Is Brian Crower the son of Bruce Crower?)

On the link above, all of the cam part numbers are different from the part number listed on the eBay auction, E-46224.

The main website SUCKS monkey balls. So far I haven't found any specific information on the E-46224 cams. Have you?

Also, the guy on the eBay auction says, "I had purchased to use on 87 mr2 but am going with a more aggressive setup and i will not be using these." He lists the cams as a .477" (12.11mm) lift.

I guess he is looking for a cam with a longer duration..
Newsletters / 2011 Schedule + Miami Season-Ender
October 22, 2010, 08:09:04 AM
Miami Season-Ender Apps Due SATURDAY
Championships will be decided. The 24 hours of racing will end at midnight on New Year's Eve. And de-corkage will obviously follow. Don't miss your last chance to enter the 2010 season-ending finale at PBIR near Miami: Apps are due this Saturday at midnight. Event details here, file your entry form here.

2011 LeMons Schedule
Okay--time to cross "bug Jay and Nick" off your to-do list and add "start bugging wife for permission." Below is the 2011 LeMons calendar, minus a few events still pending firm dates. (Those'll be added next week, so save yourself the email.)

Over the next couple of days, this info will spread to the website and our new-for-'11 reg tool. And, since any new computer system around here's just guaranteed to be a cluster-F, Nick and I have decided to fly to Chicago first thing on Thursday and leave Jeff Glenn ( to pick up the pieces. Hit Jeff if you find any bugs in the new stuff. Make that, when you find bugs in the new stuff. He's got the digital Raid can all primed and ready.

Here's next year's dates:


Feb 19-20, 2011: Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw SC

May 21-22, 2011: Carolina Motorsports Park, Kershaw SC

September 24-25, 2011: Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord NC


July 9-10, 2011: High Plains Raceway, Deer Trail CO


April 9-10, 2011: New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville NJ

June 18-19, 2011: Summit Point Raceway, Summit Point WV


July 16-17, 2011: GingerMan Raceway, South Haven MI

August 27-28, 2011: Mid-America Motorplex, Pacific Junction IA

October 8-9, 2011: Autobahn Country Club, Joliet IL


May 14-15, 2011: Reno-Fernley Raceway, Fernley NV


May 7-8, 2011: New Hampshire Motor Speedway, Loudon NH

July 23-24, 2011: Stafford Motor Speedway, Stafford Springs CT


March 26-27, 2011: Infineon Raceway, Sonoma CA

August 6-7, 2011: Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows CA

October 22-23, 2011: Infineon Raceway, Sonoma CA


June 25-26, 2011: Oregon Raceway Park, Grass Valley OR


December 3-4, 2011: Buttonwillow Raceway, Buttonwillow CA


Feb 26-27, 2011: MSR Houston, Angleton TX

April 23-24, 2011: Eagles Canyon Raceway, Decatur TX

June 4-5, 2011: MSR Houston, Angleton TX

October 1-2, 2011: MSR Houston, Angleton TX

December 17-18, 2011: Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth TX

See you next year...if not New Year's Eve--Thanks and best, JL

John "Jay" Lamm, Chief Perpetrator
5675 Horton Street, Suite C
Emeryville CA 94608
510.655.5980 x23 (Jay direct)

Miscellaneous / 8th gen Civic Si i-VTEC
October 21, 2010, 10:21:00 AM
This morning on my way to school I got to play with a new Blue Civic Si i-VTEC (197 hp, 2600 lbs).

1. Red light with a million cars in the #1 lane. Civic & me in the #2 lane in spots 1 and 2. *Hopefully* the Civic is in a hurry because I need to accelerate hard when the light goes green jump in the #1 lane to enter the freeway on-ramp. Light goes green and the Civic takes off fast and jumps into the #1 lane with me ass grabbing him.

2. The Civic hits the corner pretty good. Again I get to take this corner in 3rd gear (usually can only do this if no one is in front of me). The Civic takes the entire road and ends up in the #2 lane. I cut the corner at the same speed as him but I stayed in the #1 lane :)

3. I am about 1.5 car lengths behind him at this point, but I've got the inside lane.

4. It takes me nearly the entire corner to catch the guy. My tires are squealing like crazy and not a sound from his. I really need to get my crash bolts installed and get some better camber in the front.

5. We come out of the corner bumper to bumper!! It is a foot race to see who will hold on because the 2 lanes merge into 1 lane up ahead.

6. It took the entire length between points 5 and 6 for me to get about a 1/2 car length ahead of him, and then he shuts it down quickly and I continue onwards onto the freeway.
So I just got to Panera Bread over at Sierra Vista Mall.

Leaving my house, I head north on Fowler towards HWY168. The speed limit here is 45 MPH and I rarely go over 50 due to a lot of traffic, children at play, joggers, etc. A car pulls in front of me after Butler and we slow to about 40 MPH. Out of now where some car comes right up on my butt and just starts ass-grabbing me. So I slowly merge over to the side of the lane so he can see there is a car in front of me, and he pulls back. I notice he is a truck, the headlights look like a newer Toyota 4Runner but I'm not sure yet.

We make our way to Fowler and Belmont where it turns into a 2 lane road. Everyone always has a hard-on to get into the #1 lane in preparation for the upcoming HWY168-West on-ramp. I always play it calm knowing that I will smoke any car on the 2-lane 270-degree uphill on ramp. As soon as the 2nd lane opens up, this guy behind me jumps in and slows for the red light at Belmont. Sure enough it's a black 4Runner, like a 2005+ model. He has some aftermarket black wheels with low profile tires.

The light at Belmont turns green but there is still 1 more light before the on-ramp and it is red. I'd say the 4Runner goes 75% throttle to defend the #1 lane. No big deal for me, and I slowly merge over behind him as if I am not in any hurry. This last red light turns green right before we get to the intersection and the 4Runner maintains his speed entering the on-ramp corner. I am thinking "Hey cool, finally someone who knows how to merge onto a freeway faster than 20 MPH"

So we get going on the 2-lane 270-degree up-hill right-turn on ramp, the 4Runner in the inside lane and me in the outside lane. Entering the on ramp he is a good 4 to 5 car lengths on me. I always anticipate people braking more than me so I always keep my distance so I can maintain a higher cornering speed. I enter the corner in 3rd gear which means it will be a quick and fun entry onto the freeway. Once I make the corner there is a short 100-yard straight before the remaining 180-degree corner onto the freeway. I quickly close the gap and enter the main corner bumper to bumper.

This CRAZY 4Runner guy is totally determined to enter the freeway ahead of me and he totally pushes the 4WD truck to its limits. I as well have to give it everything I've got to overtake him in the outside lane. So here we are going all out on the on-ramp, both vehicles tires squealing like crazy, lower pitch for his and a higher pitch for mine. At the end of the corner I am already at least 2 car lengths ahead of him and as soon as traction permits I take my tach all the way to 8,300 RPM in 3rd gear and power shift into 4th.

It wasn't much of a contest, even from the beginning, but I believe this is the first time anyone has seriously challenged me on that on-ramp like that. Usually people enter the corner with waay too much speed for their car and have to brake heavy and ugly. But this guy actually gave it a good effort, he was just not in a MR2.
Don't forget: Applications for the 24-hour season finale at Palm Beach International are due in less than two weeks. To sign up, click here.

Judge Phil's comprehensive report on last weekend's race at GingerMan is online--although all you really need to know is that Alfa Romeo swept both the overall and Index of Effluency crowns. Actually, you're probably now wondering how in the world that happened. Just click here for Phil's coverage.

Cheers, Nick

-WEST: Phoenix (23-24 Jan), Infineon (6-7 Mar), Thunderhill I (8-9 May), Thunderhill II (7-8 Aug), Buttonwillow (4-5 Dec)
-SOUTH: Carolina Motorsports Park I (6-7 Feb), Carolina Motorsports Park II (22-23 May), Carolina Motorsports Park III (25-26 Sep
-MOUNTAIN: High Plains Raceway (10-11 July)
-GULF: MSR Houston I (20-21 Feb), Circuit Grand Bayou I (1-2 May), Eagles Canyon (5-6 June), MSR Houston II (11-12 Sept), Circuit Grand Bayou II (20-21 Nov)
-EAST: Summit Point (19-20 June), Stafford Motor Speedway (24-25 July)
-MIDWEST: Gingerman I (17-18 Apr), Mid-America Motorplex (28-29 Aug), Gingerman II (9-10 Oct), Autobahn (23-24 Oct)
-24-HOUR SEASON ENDER: Palm Beach International Raceway (30-31 December)
Engine Theory / HKS Supercharger Controller
October 13, 2010, 11:39:25 AM
Found this on eBay. Completely unnecessary, ridiculously overpriced, and entirely cool!



Okay guys,

I will FOR SURE attend the Arse-Freeze-Apalooza near Bakersfield this Dec 3, 4 & 5. This is a great opportunity to experience what this is all about and to get some great advice and tips from other teams. I also know this will spark a lot of motivation that we'll need as we get closer to the next Sears Pointless event next March.

Click here for a map to Buttonwillow Raceway

I plan on heading down Friday afternoon around 3pm, then return to Fresno later that night, and then head back Saturday morning to check out the inspections. If I am not too busy with school work, then I will stay all day Sat and also Sun.

Please let me know if you'd like to carpool or caravan with me.

Newsletters / Video Winners + Buttonwillow Signups
October 09, 2010, 06:35:05 AM
Those poor saps dumb enough--sorry, dedicated enough--to enter October's back-to-back Detroit/Chicago showdown called 384 Hours of LeMons all got a shot at a free Flip Video cam, with which to document their awful decision-making. We've now picked the ten most promising (read "least promising") teams and are sending them Flip cams today:

    * Chicken and Waffles, Ann Arbor MI
    * King Euro Trash, Lisle IL
    * Morrow's Auto and the Wacky Racers, Monroeville PA
    * Scirocket II, Troy MI
    * Scuderia Arugginito, Elgin IL
    * TARP, Fishers IN
    * Top Fool Eliminators, Mentor OH
    * Track Pillagerz!, Toledo OH
    * Wisconsin Crap Racers, Janesville WI

The resulting films, which should be only slightly more depressing than Eraserhead, will be posted on LeMons' YouTube page. Stay tuned.

Signups for the last West Coast race of the year (the December 4-5 LeMons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza at Buttonwillow Raceway Park) are due this Saturday, September 25th, at midnight. This one combines cold, wind, a fast track, and the romantic lure of rural Bakersfield. Lord help us all. To sign up, click here; for more event details, click here.

That's all for now--best regards & other stuff of that nature, JL

John "Jay" Lamm, Chief Perpetrator
5675-C Horton St, Emeryville CA 94608
510.655.5980 x23 (Jay direct)

-WEST: Phoenix (23-24 Jan), Infineon (6-7 Mar), Thunderhill I (8-9 May), Thunderhill II (7-8 Aug), Buttonwillow (4-5 Dec)
-SOUTH: Carolina Motorsports Park I (6-7 Feb), Carolina Motorsports Park II (22-23 May), Carolina Motorsports Park III (25-26 Sep
-MOUNTAIN: High Plains Raceway (10-11 July)
-GULF: MSR Houston I (20-21 Feb), Circuit Grand Bayou I (1-2 May), Eagles Canyon (5-6 June), MSR Houston II (11-12 Sept), Circuit Grand Bayou II (20-21 Nov)
-EAST: Summit Point (19-20 June), Stafford Motor Speedway (24-25 July)
-MIDWEST: Gingerman I (17-18 Apr), Mid-America Motorplex (28-29 Aug), Gingerman II (9-10 Oct), Autobahn (23-24 Oct)
-24-HOUR SEASON ENDER: Palm Beach International Raceway (30-31 December)
Newsletters / Miami Signups and Championship Standings
October 09, 2010, 06:34:25 AM
Praise the JB-Weld gods: The 2010 season is coming to a close. Naturally, we'd love to supply a little more torture before year's end, and the season finale at Palm Beach International in Florida should provide plenty.

For starters, this is a full 24-hour race, so you freaks can stop bugging us about that. Second, the race runs from midnight Thursday until midnight Friday, with the checkered flag falling directly on New Year's Eve. This gives you a chance to ruin both your family Christmas and a romantic New Year--so what are you waiting for? To sign up, click here; for more event details, click here.

Remember, this stupid LeMons thing isn't only about nickles, sleep deprivation, and accidentally setting your pants on fire with welding sparks. There are real prizes to be had! For instance, the team champs from each reigon get a free entry to the Miami race, and the overall season champs get a free trip to the 2011 running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans--you know, that dealiemajigger in France. Mind you, it's a LeMons-grade trip--think Aeroflot transport and Chateaux d'Bedbugges hotels--but a trip to Le Mans nonetheless. And so, without further chit-chat, here are the team-title standings as of October 1:

1. Eyesore Racing, 44 points
2. Red Rocket Ratnest Revival, 37 points
3., 27 points

1. Eyesore Racing, 51 points
2., 36 points
3. Off Consistently, 27 points

1. Ghetto Motorsports, 13 points
2. DumBoys Investments, 12 points
3. Eyesore Racing, 11 points

1. Clueless Racing, 13 points
2. Team Short Bus, 13 points
3. JBR DOGMA Racing, 12 points

1. Red Rocket Ratnest Revival, 49 points
2. Race Hard Race Ugly, 43 points
3. Live Oak Nudist Resort, 25 points

1. Magnum PU, 30 points
2., 29 points
3. SuperTroopers/Road Warriors, 28 points

1. Near-Orbital Space Monkeys, 19 points
2. Volvo ElCowmino, 14 points
3. Rhinoceros Racing, 13 points.

I suppose any debate on the merits of making the above list is best kept to a minimum, so on that note I'm outta here.

Nick Pon, Associate Perpetrator
5675-C Horton St, Emeryville CA 94608
510.655.5980 x22 (Nick direct)

-WEST: Phoenix (23-24 Jan), Infineon (6-7 Mar), Thunderhill I (8-9 May), Thunderhill II (7-8 Aug), Buttonwillow (4-5 Dec)
-SOUTH: Carolina Motorsports Park I (6-7 Feb), Carolina Motorsports Park II (22-23 May), Carolina Motorsports Park III (25-26 Sep
-MOUNTAIN: High Plains Raceway (10-11 July)
-GULF: MSR Houston I (20-21 Feb), Circuit Grand Bayou I (1-2 May), Eagles Canyon (5-6 June), MSR Houston II (11-12 Sept), Circuit Grand Bayou II (20-21 Nov)
-EAST: Summit Point (19-20 June), Stafford Motor Speedway (24-25 July)
-MIDWEST: Gingerman I (17-18 Apr), Mid-America Motorplex (28-29 Aug), Gingerman II (9-10 Oct), Autobahn (23-24 Oct)
-24-HOUR SEASON ENDER: Palm Beach International Raceway (30-31 December)
Chit Chat / $79 Cup of Coffee
October 08, 2010, 03:23:41 PM
Cars / NICE or RICE?
October 07, 2010, 10:50:19 PM
Saw this on my way to class this morning