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You are viewing a VERY old page from my 1987 Toyota MR2 Super Charger Registry "Project Car" Page.
This page was discontinued sometime around May of 2000. So the information found here is very very old.

This Engine finally let go after doing 144 MPH in 5th gear redlined at 7,600 rpm at only 11PSI.
Please see the Death of Stage 1 Engine here.

Last Updated Dated: 4/27/2000

My 1987 SuperCharged MR2

"The prime instrument for night driving is the rear-view mirror, and the prime rule is to drive fast enough so that all headlights of passed motorists reduce rapidly in size."

Engine :

Custom Installation of an AE92 SC Levin 1.6 litre 8.9:1 4A-GZE
16 valve head with dual overhead cams
MAP sensored TwinCoil distributorless ignition system
FlowMaster dual chamber 2.5" stainless steel cat-back exhaust system
TRD Supercharged exhaust header
WebCam Racing Cams grind #294
Custom Oversized crank pulley
NGK BCP7EV Gold Palladium plugs @ 0.048"

Running Gear :

4A-GE C52 5 spd transaxle
TODA Racing chromoly flywheel  * Just installed!*
TRD Racing Kevlar clutch   * Breaking it in!*
Redline MT-90 gear oil
5ZIGEN 5ZR 16X7" alloy wheels
BFGoodrich Euro T/A 205/40/16-H Front
Yokohama A520 215/40/16-V Rear
Suspension Techniques 1.3" lowering progressive rate springs
Tokico Illuminas 5-way adjustable strut cartridges
NFA 1022 clear auxiliary driving lights


TODA / TRD, Installed.

Custom Modifications :

Vacuum Mod for max boost
ABV and a rare ACV Mod
Switchable Supercharger clutch
Relocated Intercooler w/Aluminum IC piping
12" U-Hall radiator fan used for Intercooler fan
Custom Fan-to-Intercooler air schrod
Custom 25mm Oversized Crank pulley to 170mm overall OD
Autodesigns air filtration system
Drivers Side Air intake
Cut off valve for Throttle body water heater
Cut out dishes from hoods vents
Removed all four brake backing plates (dust covers)
Clear front turn signal lenses
Switchable Brake lights
Removed A/C Condensor
Removed alot of unnecessary weight

Compacted Conversion 
Wiring and Custom Filteration System

MP3 Sound Files :

rev_hpsi_at_hood_opening.mp3 152k Rev of my engine from the engine compartment.
rev_hipsi_at_exhaust_tip.mp3 136k Rev of my engine from behind the car.
0_to_100_WOT.mp3 198k A very spirited sprint to 100 miles/hour.
2nd_gear_to_90mph_WOT.mp3 372k This is from the bottom of second gear and up on to fourth gear.
5_gear_shift.mp3 170k Nothing special, just a day at the stop lights.
50_to_60.mp3 23k Third gear 50 to 60 MPH including boost lag.

Number Crunching :

Well, it turned out that 4.15.00 was reserved for Super Comp, SCEDA & Super Eliminator racing.
The very first Street Legal Drags will be held May 12th, at 6pm. I will have my flywheel/clutch setup broken in by then so come out to Famoso Raceway in central California if you want to see a MK1 turn a mid to low 13 sec in the qtr. mile.
I don't think I will have my water injection ready by the 12th :(
Vechicle Weight:
2455 lbs
Redline 2nd gear:
57 MPH
Avarage MPG:
City: 19
Highway: 25
Max Boost:
13psi @ 95F intake temp
RPM: 2300rpm
Crank est. 205hp
GTech Pro RWHP: 172
GTech Pro:
Qtr. Mile: 14.19 @ 101.5 mph
0-60 mph: 5.78 secs
Top Speed:
On Paper: 151 MPH redline-limited

Instrumentation :

Custom instrument cluster Supercharger LED display light
SplitSecond ARM1 Air/Fuel ratio meter
Autometer Boost Gauge 30psi limit
Radio Shack $9 thermometer w/159 F(70 C) limit
Belltronics model 870 Radar Detector/Saftey device

Sound System :

Sony 300watt amplifier
Pioneer DEH-P4000
Pioneer 10" Subwoofer

Projects to date :

April: Did everything I was hopeing to accomplish with 4 days left in the month!
May:Custom Water Injection system.
ST Anti-Sway bars.
SC14. Scheduled for Late May / early June.
Summer:Remove the rest of my A/C.
Get a paint job!!
Move my 215/40 A520s' to the front, and get 225/40s' for the rear.
Yokohama A520

Steve Hoult once said: "If you have to go back to pick up the parts, it's too much boost!"

HIPSI in Santa 

Last update: 4.27.00